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Home Equity Loans in California

Home equity loans are regulated in California to limit fees and caps.
No matter where your financial company is based, they will have to
follow these regulations if you are living in California. By expanding your
search to national financing companies, you can find competitive rates
and terms that still follow California law.

Providing Full Home Equity Disclosure

Many of the basic ideas of the federal “Truth In Lending Act” are based
off of California financing law. By using lenders who follow California
financing laws, you can protect yourself from predatory lending.

For example, one such California principle is the idea of full
disclosure, listing out interest rate, fees, and terms before signing a loan
contract. In California, lenders must offer contract copies before
application and before using the credit.

It is a good idea to look over the fees and terms to be sure they are
fair and meet your needs. For example, if you find a prepayment penalty,
then you may want to negotiate a waiver or find a different lender.

Placing Caps on Home Equity Loan Fees and Terms

California laws also place caps on fees and terms, particularly with
sub prime loans. For example, interest cannot be charged on a loan until
one day after closing. There are also limits on late fees and early

Large financial companies have been prosecuted in California for
failing to meet regulations. So even with the biggest names, look over the
terms to be sure they are not overcharging you.

Shopping Outside of California for Best Home Equity Loan

Even with local laws, you can still search outside of California for
low rates. By expanding your search online, you can find competitive
rates and terms than still meet California law.

Start with a broker site that will link you to several lenders. By
providing your address, financial companies will be aware of the unique
laws related to your loan quote.