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California 40 Year Mortgages

California is a nice state to live in, and that is why a lot of people have homes built in the area. However, over the last five years, prices of real estate in California have increased steadily and this has made it very difficult to purchase a home. Good thing, there are lots of mortgage options available to potential buyers in order to make it easier for them to buy a home. One of these options is the California 40 year mortgage.

A 40 year mortgage is a mortgage option that is payable within 40 years. Its primary purpose is to ease the burden of prospective buyers when purchasing a home. Although this type of mortgage has been available for nearly 20 years, very few lenders and financing companies offer it as an option because they do not want to tie up their money for an extended duration. For those lenders who do incorporate 40 year mortgage into their options, it is a great option for young couples and first-time homebuyers looking to purchase the home of their dreams. With rising prices for houses in the California area, the 40-year mortgage is gaining in popularity, because the longer terms can make quite a difference in the monthly payments. More people can qualify for more expensive homes. However, interest rates on a 40-year mortgage are usually higher than 30-year loans.

The problem is, the interest rate for a 40-year loan is typically a tad higher than the rate on the 30-year loan. Combine that higher rate with 10 more years to pile on interest and the financing costs over the life of the 40-year loan virtually wipes out the month-to-month savings.

While some borrowers ignore the long-term costs just to get into a home using a 40-year loan, that long-term cost causes most borrowers to stick with loans with less long-term sticker shock. However, the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) that serves low and moderate-income families and first-time buyers who meet income and home price limits is offering a 40-year loan with a fixed rate of around 5.75%.

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